Our Challenge

Friends! It is the pleasure of life to enjoy splendid culture. Therefore it is the joy of life to play good games. However we can enjoy no more than half of our lives, if we do not go beyond enjoying culture. It will bring us the true pleasure when we create and send it by ourselves.

So we held an ambition to challenge the world by the creativity of Japan. It will raise new pleasure and culture for us and the world.

I request every friend of the world to be favorable for, watch over kindly, and if possible cooperate our plan. Because this is the first time, there are so many difficulties. We are very glad of your cheers. See you soon.

Gamers, be ambitious!

Japon Brand C.O. Jun Kusaba

Our Concept

Boardgame culture, which was once prosperous in US, and which is now flowering in European countries, especially in Germany. We play, absorb, and study it pleasantly.

Many of young game designers in Japan have released their works as their main stage at the Game Market in Tokyo, which has lasted already seven years. These games are never inferior to foreign games! I can not leave them buried as they are! Such a feeling increased day by day. Now Japanese designers are not copying foreign games, but creating excellent games with high originality that please gamers of the world.

In spite of this the hurdle is very high in challenging the world personally. I groped for several years, thinking whether I can realize it somehow…

That’s it! How about exhibiting games from the Game Market in Tokyo to the Game Show in Essen? Several designers demonstrate and sell their games at the booth. Does this establish a bridgehead from Japanese boardgame scene to Germany.

When I told this idea to Mr.Kusaba, supervisor of the Game Market in Tokyo, he agreed with me excitedly. Then favorable and cooperative members came to us like knights of the round table.

Now we challenge the world by Japanese games under the name of “Japon Brand”! We never retreat until achieving our purpose, no matter how rough seas are before us. I request your cooperation and cheering ! And hopefully, why don’t you join us?

Japon Brand Promoter
Nobuaki Takerube


Representative: Takkerube Nobuaki
Director: Akio Nomura & Akihiro Matsuo
Inspector: Zyun Kusaba
Adviser: Seiji Kanai
Agent: Simon Lundström