Fight for the majority of 5 colours! Don’t get fooled by your opponents!

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This game has cards 1-6 is five colours; each player has 5 cards in hand.
Players will play one card from hand simultaneously, and then reveal them.
This is repeated three times, and the cards of the majority colour will
score, unless they are too many, in which case the colour bursts and the
second most colour will score. In case of a tie for majority, the tied
colours are also out. This is repeated until the deck runs out, and the
player with the most points wins.
It's a simple game featuring a lot of outsmarting the opponent and counting
the cards - yet simple enough for the whole family; a great beginner's game.
Game design : John Bannister
Art : Gallery Ouchi

DETAILS: [BBG] https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/256620/5-colors