The whole of my hand is full of your favorites.

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Eye My Favorite Things is a new sensation communication game. 
In this game, the whole of your hand is made by your neighboring player.

The first edition has Japanese and English rules, but the game is language free in play.

Each player asks some topic of the next player, such as favorite movies, cartoons, 
animals, etc., and that neighboring player writes down their top five favorites 
on cards in sleeves. Behind these answers are hidden cards numbered from 1 to 5 and
one non-favorite on a card numbered 0. These six cards are now your hand for playing tricks.

You don't know what card answer corresponds to what rank number, so you have to guess
the next player's preferences and tendencies, and play one card based on your judgement 
of their tastes. Once cards are played to the trick, the hidden numbers are shown. 
Your neighbor's preference rank is the card's strength. 
Card 5 is highest, 0 is lowest, but if 5 and 0 appear in the same trick, 0 wins.

In short, understanding your neighbor is the key to winning the game.

DETAILS: [BBG] https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/188530/eye-my-favorite-things