化石鉱脈 (Kaseki-Koumyaku), Lagerstätten is the German word for veins of rock rich in fossils (化石 Kaseki = fossil, 鉱脈 Koumyaku = vein).

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※Product in the video is Japanese first edition.

Lagerstätten is a worker placement game, themed on fossil excavation, collecting sets of fossil types, and managing your resources (money, fame).

Send workers to action spaces, and let them work:

  • Dig to gain rock samples
  • Prepare the samples to uncover the fossils
  • Present a paper at an academic conference to gain fame
  • Exhibit your fossil collection to gain income
  • Sell your set to a collector (demand from ‘request’ cards) to gain income

The game is in Japanese only although the box front does have an English blurb. However, gameplay is largely language free, so the game should be playable with a simple crib-sheet.

Publisher’s summary
Lagerstätten, a fossil vein which contains large amount of academically valuable fossils in well preserved state.

As a paleontologist, you embark on excavating Lagerstätten to discover the secrets of ancient beings, and also to gain funds for research. Dig rocks having fossils, and restore them to fulfill collector’s requests, or exhibit in the museums to gain research funds. Or, you may also gain fame by presenting at the academic conferences, and make your later research go smoother.

Will you be successful in your career as a paleontologist?

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