Full bloom Sakura in panorama!

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Sakura Hunt is a card game based on the Japanese tradition of Hanami with the goal to create a panoramic view of Sakura in full bloom.

‘Sakura’ is Japanese for cherry blossoms and ‘Hanami’ is the annual spring-time custom to see the blossoming of Sakura.

When the Sakura is in full bloom, the view is breath-taking and astonishingly beautiful.
However, the life of the blossoming Sakura is short. The petals scatter and fall, after only a brief period of blooming.

The players in the game will venture through four ‘Hanami Spots’ in search of Sakura in its full bloom state.
Move from spot to spot, or lie in wait for that perfect moment, to witness the immaculate sight of Sakura in full bloom.

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