Our Challenge

Dear all. We believe that the pleasure of life is to enjoy culture, and
among this, the joy of playing good games. However, only playing the game
is only half of that joy. Part of the true joy of life is to create new
material, and to spread it.

Our ambition is to challenge the world with the creativity of Japan, hoping
that this will bring more joy over the world.

I would ask from all of you to encourage, watch over and work with us for
this plan. This has been a project for many years, but it’s still riddled
with difficulties. We are all cheered up by your help. See you soon

Gamers, be ambitious!

Japon Brand C.O. Jun Kusaba

Our Concept

The boardgame culture is very prosperous in the US, and also flowering in
European countries, especially in Germany, since 1995. We Japanese play,
absorb, and study it joyfully.

Many young game designers in Japan have released their works at the
marketplace “Game Market” in Tokyo, a market which has existed since the
year 2000. While home-made, these games are not at all inferior to
commercial releases from Europe and the US. I simply could not leave them
buried as they were. This sentiment increased day by day. Japanese
designers are no longer just copying foreign games, they are creating
excellent games with high originality, that I’m sure will please gamers all
over the world.

Despite all the hurdles, and the difficulty of doing this on my own, I
pondered for several years, thinking how I could realize it somehow…

Then it struck me. How about exhibiting these games from Game Market in
Tokyo, on the Game Show in Essen? Several designers could demonstrate and
sell their games at the same booth. Maybe this could establish a bridgehead
from the Japanese boardgame scene to Germany.

When I spoke of this idea to Mr.Kusaba, the supervisor of Game Market in
Tokyo, he agreed excitedly. Then, cooperative and good-working members came
to us, like the knights of the round table.

Now we challenge the world with Japanese games under the name of “Japon
Brand”! We will never retreat until we fulfill our purpose, no matter how
rough the seas are before us. I call for your cooperation and support. All
of you who come, buy and help, thank you!

Japon Brand Promoter
Nobuaki Takerube


Representative: Takayuki Narita
Director: Akio Nomura & Kazuhide Takaumi
Inspector: Jun Kusaba
Adviser: Seiji Kanai & Sayaka Amioka & Takahiro Amioka
Agent: Simon Lundström