私達はゴールに辿り着いたのか? 答はNOです。




Japon Brand, which started its activities in 2006 as a private group, has a history of steady achievement introducing outstanding independent games and creators from Japan to the world. Full of our enthusiasm, most of the games we have introduced have grown and blossomed, thanks to the world’s publishers, and they have won a lot of awards.

Taking a look around, we are amazed to find that many of the groups or game creators following Japonbrand have taken their own booths in the halls of Essen Spiel. This is the realisation of that dream we had at the beginning.
Now we have reached the 10th anniversary and we look back at the starting point, we wonder if we should continue in the same way. Have we really reached the goal? The answer is certainly not.

We shouldn’t slow this growing stream of Japanese analogue games, and it has become our duty to keep supporting the greater overseas advance of a lot of the game creators. And now, the contracts where we act as a go-between are already too big to deal with as a private group. Therefore, we made Japon Brand into a company with some new members. We will stride on, more powerful than before, to raise the bigger contribution from Japan to the analogue gamers of the world!

Tak, the representative Director of Japon Brand