【GDPR】 Since May 25, 2018, the GDPR, EU’s General Data Protection
Regulations, apply to all processing of user’s personal data within the
European Union.

Japon Brand certifies that:

■ Collection and use of data
Referring to the personal information entered to preorder games from Japon
Brand, this information will be used for the delivery of the games at Essen

■ Data administrator
The administrator of the data is Japon Brand.
Contact information: [email protected].

Japan Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 6-11-4 Shinwa Building 2F
ZIPCODE 105-0004

■ The information we gather
Name (You may enter a pseudonym)
email address
street address (You may enter only country)

■ How to use user information
If you have the reservation number with you, no other personal information
is needed.
We only use your personal information:
· when the customer forgets to bring their reservation number to the Spiel
· to refund the paid amount when the customer does not pick up the game.

■ Cookie and Third Party Technology
JaponBrand and its partners use cookies and other technologies for the
above mentioned purposes.

■ Information sharing and disclosure
Depending on country code, Japon Brand may contact some users to ask for
help with translations. None of the information Japon Brand has will leave
Japon Brand without the customer’s explicit OK.

■ Retaining and erasing information
We keep our transaction information for 2 years. JaponBrand will then
delete or anonymize that information, according to applicable law.
If there is a request for erasure by the customer, we will try to delete
that information as soon as possible.