• Number of Players: 2 - 4
  • Playing Time: 20 min.

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In ベルーガ (Beluga), you play as a mother beluga whale whose echo location system isn’t working properly, which is a problem as your daughter is lost and you want to reunite with her.

Game Structure
The game is divided into two halves: “Journey” and “Reunion”. In “Journey”, players collect ice cards that contain clues to the daughter’s location while trying not to be found by their natural enemy, the polar bear. The closer you get to a polar bear, the most cards you have and the more of your daughter’s clues are available, but should you accidentally find the polar bear, you will be eaten.

In “Reunion”, you try to find your daughter by revealing the ice cards that you collected in the first half of the game. Once again, you must avoid polar bears. Thankfully you can reference magpies in the sky that know the location of these bears, while also reaching out to “old sharks” to find shortcuts to your daughter’s location.

Can mom find her courage and reunite with her daughter?