• Category: Cooperative game
  • Playing Time: 15 - 45 min
  • Number of Players: 3 - 6
  • Designer: LabMem.1
  • Illustrator: LabMem.2
  • Brand: FIC Lab

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Target Audience

People who like light games with simple rules.


“Plus of Minus? Minus? High? Low?” A mind game playing only one card out of your hand, but with deep guessing.

  • A card game with a unique theme of “hatching penguin eggs”
  • This is a semi-cooperative game to control temperature, important factor for hatching eggs.
  • If you fail, you must start all over again. Consequently, the more you fail, the more challenging it becomes along with greater joy in achieving the goal.


  • On each turn, the players simply play one card each from their hands. Since the sum of the numbers on the cards played by everyone counts on each turn, the “hatching” does not proceed so smoothly as you hope.
  • This is basically a cooperative game. If you manage to control the temperature for 10 consecutive turns, you have successfully completed the game. However, if you fail to do so, you must start over from the first turn.
  • This is a semi co-op with some competitive elements to it. Each player has their mission, and they can acquire bonus points for completing their mission in the last turn.