• Category: Card game
  • Playing Time: 20 - 60 min.
  • Number of Players: 2
  • Designer: Takatoshi Tsuzuku
  • Illustrator: Marina Fukunoshi
  • Brand: LAN Technology Co., Ltd.

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Target Audience

People who like one-on-one strategic game play


  • “Chestack” is a word coined from “chess” and “stack”.
  • The brandnew Chess variant using transparent cards as the pieces. This allows you to stack and combine pieces for never been seen promotion. Experience a new level of playability now!


  • This game, based on chess, incorporates elements to make it a game to play with deep strategies and tactics.
  • Up to three pieces (cards) can be “merged” or “combined” with each other to increase the range of card movement.
  • You can “summon” your opponent’s cards and use them as your own.

Additional information

  • Transparent cards are used to make it apparent which pieces are stacked.
  • Also, the cards’ possible movements are indicated, making it easy for chess beginners to play.