Font Karuta


  • Category: Card game
  • Playing Time: 10 - 30 min.
  • Number of Players: 3 - 6
  • Designer: Megumi Sekine
  • Brand: Font karuta LLC

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Target Audience

People who like simple and fun games, people interested in font types, and people who like real-time games.


  • A real-time competitive game themed on font types.
  • Spread out the cards with the same set of letters in different fonts on the table.
  • After a font name is announced with a clue, players race to find and take the matching card.


  • In addition to the players, a “Reader” is required to read out the question card.
  • The players compete in real time without turns.
  • The players race to find and take the card that matches the announced font.
  • The answer is not stated clearly on the front of each card. In order to win, you need to guess the answer from clues as well as to memorize the information that is gradually revealed.